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My Most Recent Creations

Oak in Winter

Oak Tree Winter Dance

One of winter’s gifts is to see the 

inner bones of the trees and their 

intricate web of branches.

This is one of my favorite Oak Trees. 

It’s twisting trunk reminds me of a 

dancer reaching up to the sky.

I just love this tree!

Gratitude for all trees 

and the gifts they bring us; 

Forests, Shade, Fruit, Nuts, Wood, 

Warmth, Mushrooms, Oxygen, 

Beauty and Peace!

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Peace and Beauty

A Goddess sacred to the Lakota tribe,

White Buffalo Calf Woman shared

the Sacred Peace Pipe and

“Seven Sacred Rites”

to protect the Earth,

with the Lakota People.

After sharing her gifts

she walked across the plains,

turned into a White Buffalo Calf,

and then disappeared.

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Quan Yin Kwan Yin Illustration

Quan Yin or Kwan Yin

Divine Mother of Compassion

known all over Asia by slight

variations of this name



Infinite Light

based on the story of

Our Lady of Guadalupe




Jesus Illustration


All paths lead to the heart



Known as the

Remover of Obstacles



  Dream Big

2019 New Year's Card

Seasonal Tree Portraits done for NH Showhouse 2018  (below)

Maple in Spring

White Birch in Summer

White Pine in Spring

Maple in Fall

                           Oak in Summer

Master Bedroom Hallway

Staff Entrance

NH Showhouse Renderings 2018 (above)


2016 Lady Sekhmet

cover for Manuscript titled

Lady Sekhmet Inspiring an Evolution

People's Climate March 2017 Washington DC

This was my banner (right) after adding bands of Color and Text with Printing Software to my original drawing.

My original drawing (below left) done with Design markers.

Taking my message to the streets! (below right)

Climate March Banner 2017


Women's March Washington DC 2017

My banner while I marched-

"Women are the Heart Wisdom

of our World."

Watercolor and Marker


Mother Mary-Forgiveness

with her son Jesus






2016 Boston Junior League Showhouse Renderings for West Newton MA

Receiving Room (Left)                                                         Living Room (Right)                                  

2014 SCBWI Conference- Illustration Show       

The Wizard of Oz-2 page spread with original text



Tree Portrait of Spring Buds NY State (above) -2015 commissioned Painting