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Children's Book Illustration

Wizard of Oz-from original text 

Lady Sekhmet with Sun & Moon   Lady Sekhmet










My self-portrait as a Fairy Goddess




  A lovely butterfly swooped down to say "Mother, we are all that is left of your creatures."

(from The Earth Goddess)



A long time ago humans lived in balance with the Earth. We were, still are too, part of the mystery of life, needing each other to survive.

We used to pray to our Earth Mother with thanks for her gifts.

(from The Earth Goddess).


    God waited on a star. As the Goddess approached he bowed to her.  He had greatly missed her and was now filled with joy. Love and Light poured out of him. She wasn't blinded though. Love poured out of her with equal intensity, enveloping them both. Their rekindled Love would bring Earth into balance once again.

(from The Earth Goddess)