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Cheryl O'Donnell

     I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in 1990 receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Illustration.  I began working in the field of Interior Design and have run a successful Decorative Painting business for 22 years.

   I love traveling and have visited sacred sites in many different countries. Each trip inspired me to research the history, culture, and spiritual beliefs of the people and places I visited.                 I created portraits of the many gods, goddesses, angels, saints, and spirit guides that I encountered along the way. Painting the portraits enhances my understanding and connection with these divine beings.

     My illustrations are mostly Watercolor, some graphite, Design Markers, pen and ink, and also Acrylic paint. 

     To see more of my work please visit my Decorative Painting Site

Cheryl O'Donnell



                                   Painting of myself as a Goddess.